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A Bunch Of Puppies Go Crazy For Milk



Watch as these adorable little fur balls run for their dinner, throwing each other out of the way so they can get to the bowl of milk! They all lap up the liquid in harmony, licking at the same time. Now this video is cuteness overload!

These puppies are adorably doing what they do best, fighting over for food! Before the bowl of milk is even brought to the floor they are looking up with anticipation, planning their attack in advance. You can see two little furry faces peeking over the bowl as it is brought to the ground. These puppies are hungry and will do anything to get to the milk! Their little tongues are in the bowl before it even hits the ground!

The feeding frenzy starts with two puppies, then four. The fifth comes running over from the left and then a sixth zooms in, not even looking for a spot to go. The sixth puppy just straight at another dog, going under him and flipping him out of the way. Just when you think you cannot handle this amount of cuteness, a seventh puppy comes out of nowhere to join the litter. All seven puppies look so sweet with their heads stuck in the bowl!

Puppy five and six don’t even mind that one is on top of the other and they happily have their meal while in the puppy pile. This house must be puppy heaven with seven baby Golden Retriever puppies to play with. They all seem energetic and full of life and bring this household a lot of love.

Milk offers many nutritional benefits to puppies, especially when weaning off of their mothers milk. Although adult dogs may grow up to have a lactose tolerance issue, puppies are born with an enzyme that helps them digest and get the nutrients from the milk, whether it be cows milk or goats milk. Milk encourages strong bones and offers puppies the much needed energy that they require everyday. Although they can benefit from it, it is by no means necessary for puppies to drink milk. The only milk needed for them in their mother’s milk.

Mothers typically start weaning their pups off of their milk around 3 weeks. The weaning process usually last up to 8 weeks and sometimes a little longer. When puppies are nursing from their mothers, they do not need any other supplements, so giving them cow’s or goat’s milk would only do them damage and not benefit them in any way. Never give a puppy any kind of milk while it is still nursing.

By the time the puppies are 8 weeks of age, solid foods should make up the majority, if not all of their daily diet. Water is also very important at this age and should be the only source of liquid the puppies should be drinking.

So enjoy the milk now you little fluff balls, in a couple of weeks that delicious milk is going to become puppy food and a bowl of cold water!

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18 Dogs Who Were Busted Doing Hilarious Dog Things




…and shamed for their crimes.

Dogs will be dogs! And these 18 dogs prove that no matter what they do, we’ll always forgive them. This list was assembled by members of the Bored Pandacommunity, and it’s sure to make you laugh! 

#1 This is what I call teamwork.

#2 Enough said.

#3 He’s so very sorry…

#4 What a genius idea!

#5 It happens…

#6 Time to start sleeping on your stomach.

#7 He’s still getting used to this thing. 

#8 Which one’s in trouble??

#9 This relationship got off to a rocky start…

#10 Oh no…

#11 He now knows the Bible inside and out.

#12 Lesson learned.

#13 Working together.

#14 Just getting into the holiday spirit…

#15 ‘What? I thought she was a part of the park…’

#16 Smart! 

#17 He went to the dark side.

#18 A look of regret.

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Matted Dog Found Locked In A Small Crate Gets A New Look And New Life




Murphy looks totally different now.

PETA fieldworkers came across a neglected, matted dog who was kept locked up in a small crate in a dark hallway. They wanted nothing more than to rescue him, and his family finally agreed to give him up.

Although he didn’t look much like a dog at first, Murphy’s true beauty and personality were about to be freed! Over two pounds of painful mats were cut from his seven-pound body. And Murphy had a brand new look to go with his brand new life! 

Murphy spent some time recovering at PETA before being transferred to the Norfolk SPCA. And it was there that he would meet his new family. The before and after photos of Murphy are hard to believe, and the little guy is now living it up!

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7 Things Dogs And Humans Have In Common




Dogs are the oldest domesticated animal, having been working alongside humans some 15,000 years. They have assisted with a variety of tasks and some still do so today. Dogs have helped by herding, hunting, pulling loads, guarding and protecting, assisting police and military and being noble companions. Regardless of the dog’s breed, it’s origin general traces back to one of these functions. It should come as no surprise then that dogs and humans share so many unique qualities. We’ve evolved together for thousands of years, so it makes sense that we’re so much alike. Dogs aren’t called “man’s best friend” for no reason.

#1 – They’re social

Dogs are social animals. Their ancestors lived in family-like packs, the same way wolves and many other wild canids do today. Dogs enjoy spending time with their people and this is a trait that we’ve bred from the very beginning. After all, what good was a farm dog if he didn’t like being around his owner? Humans have been breeding dogs for companionship and sociability from the very beginning.


#2 – They’re furniture hogs

Not everyone wants their dogs on the furniture, but most of us know that we’re much less strict about it than we should be. In fact, most of us are probably quite comfortable sharing much of our couches and beds with our dogs. They’re opportunists (also like us), and will quickly take up all the space they can!

#3 – They love food

Food is love, for people and dogs alike. We are both a social species and much of our social interactions revolve around food. This is true for wild canids as well. While we don’t share all of our food with our dogs at home, we can share the love for a delicious meal and snack.


#4 – They’re intelligent

Dogs are very intelligent animals. Recent studies support evidence that the average dog is as smart as the average two-year-old child. This means their minds and range of emotions are just as complex as that of a human child. Dogs have been shown to have relatively notable emotional intelligence, problem solving skills and even demonstrate a theory of mind.

#5 – They have personal preferences

Dogs have personal preferences just like humans do. Dogs have favorite foods, toys and even people. Each dog is different in their likes and dislikes and while some seem to like everything and everyone, others might be very picky.


#6 – They have unique personalities

Dogs are what their genetics and upbringing allow and different dogs will have different personalities. Some traits are breed-specific, but even within breeds you will find some variation. Generally speaking, a dog’s personality will reflect the tasks it was bred to do. Sledding dogs are active and independent, hunting dogs are social and energetic, guardian breeds are loyal and aloof toward strangers. These are generalizations of course, button be mostly accurate.

#7 – They are emotional

Dogs are deeply emotional creatures. They bond very strongly to their families, humans and other animals alike. Studies show that dogs feel complex emotions such as jealousy and anticipation and that they can discriminate the emotional expressions on human faces. They are instinctive but intuitive animals that are thought to experience love, fear, anger, joy and affection. Anthropomorphizing can become a serious problem, but the complicated emotions dogs feel can’t be ignored.

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